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Published on 25th November 2017


1. If you could describe VICI in one sentence what would it be?


A brand which compels men to think about the watches they wear as a statement of their life and style, rather than a thoughtless accessory to their image.


2. In more details please tell us about VICI?


VICI – Latin for ‘conquered’ is a mind-set, message and ideology for men to engage with. Our mission is aimed at helping men to truly buy into their lifestyle, how they look and who they want to be, whatever the occasion. Generic and expensive watches disrupt this mind-set, discouraging men to build a collection. Due to price and lack of design diversity, men often end up wearing the same watches, regardless of the occasion, how they feel or what they are doing. Our goal at VICI is to challenge this way of thinking.


VICI urges men to think about style beyond the obvious – by influencing men to accessorize their style and think about the watches they wear in the same way they would think about their broader fashion choices.


To achieve our mission, VICI offers three distinct and unique models, each inspired by some of the world’s greatest cities. Each design is influenced by the image and lifestyle of these cities, offering men the choice of watch to suit them best, whether they want to be: the Gentleman, the Trendsetter or the Weekender.


The London range personifies the Gentleman, with a classic minimalist design. The New York range is for the Trendsetter, with dark tones perfectly suited for an evening out, and the Sydney range, with a royal blue face and chronograph is for the laid back Weekender, ideal for bar or beach.


VICI also offers engraving on all of its watches – making your collection truly personal. This offering is unique amongst watch brands and is perfect for personalising your style or as a gift for loved ones.


We were fortunate enough to be one of the youngest brands to showcase at London Fashion Week Men’s 2017 – a great achievement and sense that our brand message is resonating equally well with everyday people and the fashion industry.


We firmly believe that men should be able to build a collection, so in addition to our standard offering; we also offer a unique subscription model. This enables men to slowly build their collection over a 3 or 6 month period without breaking the bank and truly buy into their lifestyle.


3. If you could give todays gentleman one Style tip what would it be?


Picture your image holistically – don’t stop at the obvious or the basics. Accessorise your look and be ready to switch it up – be ready for any occasion.


4. How important is do you think it is for guys to take pride in their appearance and overall presentation?


Men taking greater care of themselves – both from a health and image perspective is an ever-growing trend. We encourage men to take pride in themselves and understand that image is a powerful way to achieve this. The way you look is the way you feel. It is also the way in which you convey yourself to others. We see image as vitally important to being confident and conquering your goals.



5. What can we expect to see from VICI at The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show 2017?


VICI is very excited to join a number of other fantastic brands – both established and up-and-coming, at the Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show. All four founders will be at the event – excited to showcase and provide further insight into VICI, how the brand was born, and where we want to take it.


VICI will be showcasing all 9 of its designs and will be offering an exclusive Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2017 discount for attendees of the event.


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