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Venue Chosen!

Published on 5th March 2016

Having launched the Gentleman’s Grooming Show the first task on our list was securing a fantastic location! For those who haven’t had experience in finding a venue for an event this may seem like a seemingly easy task…..however those who have will confirm this is not a decision to be made lightly.

So where to start? As with most tasks these days an internet search is a good first point of call! There are some great websites out there these days allowing you to search by criteria and the first consideration is whether the venue has the capacity for the event. When it comes to venues in London it would be easy to assume the possibilities are endless and in general you would be right……however when you start looking at larger event spaces with capacities of 1,000 + the options start becoming more limited.

Once we had our options in front of us we then turned our focus to what we were looking for from a venue. Many exhibition spaces, whilst being logistically great, can feel slightly cold and clinical. That’s not to say some event organisers don’t do a great job of dressing them to fit their theme but we knew this wasn’t what we were looking for. Top on our list was ‘Ambience’!

Working in the events industry in London, you gain a good knowledge of the local venues but no matter how well you think you know a venue a site visit is a must! So…..long story short having ruled out numerous venues we took the train to Shadwell to look round Tobacco Dock. Having visited the venue for events in the past we thought we knew the venue well, however seeing the space empty for the first time it was immediately clear it had the Gentlemanly Ambience we were looking for and it was definitely a space we could work with!


With the impressive entrance setting the right first impression and the sweeping arches of the North Dock spaces packed with character, we knew we had found the venue for us. Winner and finalist of numerous awards at ‘ The London Venue Awards 2015’. it is a venue well respected and acknowledged by event organisers and attendees alike. We are very excited to host The Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016 at Tobacco Dock and Look forward to welcoming you on 3rd December!

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