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Tied Together Q&A

Published on 23rd August 2017

1. If you could describe Tied Together in one sentence what would it be?

We sell high quality, matching fashion accessories for men.


2. In more details what do Tied Together do?

We’re an ecommerce business selling B2C, and our range comprises of 17 colours and patterns of high quality Matching Ties, Socks and Pocket Squares.

We’ve had great success selling to both fashion conscious businessmen, and to wedding couples. The free hand wrapped gift box makes these sets perfect for the groom and his best men.


3. If you could give todays gentleman one grooming tip what would it be?

The finer details, like a well-tied tie, or polishing your shoes, get you noticed. Even more so, not doing these things gets you noticed, and impressions count.


4. How important is do you think it is for guys to take pride in their appearance and overall presentation?

If you look your best, you feel like you can take on whatever life throws at you each day. And if you feel good, then you generally raise your performance. Or, in short…

Look good. Feel good. Play good.


5. What can attendees expect to see from Tied Together at The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show 2017?

Aside from the full range of 17 matching ties, socks and pocket squares, we’re excited to be bringing 4 new colours/patterns to the show. They’re being made in time for Christmas, and so they may well be unveiled at the show!




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