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Thomas Clipper Q&A

Published on 19th April 2017

1. If you could describe Thomas Clipper in one sentence what would it be?

“We’re a boutique British brand created to make your morning’s better. For men who care about understated modern design, world-class craftsmanship and heritage.”


2. In more details what does Thomas Clipper do?

Matt and Antonio founded Thomas Clipper in 2014 to bring a more inspiring morning to men all over the world through British design, world-class craftsmanship and meticulous sourcing.

We started with a simple question: how could we create the perfect shave?

In two years TC has gone from sketch, to prototype, to a business shipping worldwide. It’s been down to extremely talented makers, and to the customers and backers on Kickstarter and Seedrs – we’re funded by our community.
3. If you could give todays gentleman one grooming tip what would it be?

Take your time to properly enjoy your morning rituals. A fantastic morning is the key to a fantastic day.


4. How important is do you think it is for guys to take pride in their appearance and overall presentation?

Appearance is important, but its not everything. Our products are beautifully designed, but they’ve got a rich story behind them. That story is of the people that made, form Richard in Leicester hand-turning every bowl and brush to Sara in Norfolk hand-pouring every soap. It’s in what they’re made of, from the 5,000 year old oak in our Neolithic shave set to the organic essences used to make our Fantastic Frankincense shave oil. And it’s in what they’ve achieved, from a Kickstarer funded in 2 hours (for our Heritage set) to a feature in Wallpaper Magazine’s Design awards 2017.

We think the same goes for men: appearance is of course important. But we believe pride in where you come from, what you’ve achieved and the people who have made you what you are should be the bedrock of what makes every man proud.


5. What can attendees expect to see from Thomas Clipper at The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show 2017?

5,000 year old Neolithic wood, hand-turned into beautiful shaving bowls. Exceptionally weighted solid-steel razor handles. A brand new range of colognes with a special story to tell. And of course, Matt and Antonio – the founders of the business – on hand for any questions you might have about achieving the perfect relaxing shave.

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