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Thicker Beard Wanted

Published on 16th May 2017

It is impossible to ignore the resurgence of the beard, which in recent years has come out of style wildness to find itself at the forefront of fashion. Style icons, including the likes of David Beckham and Tom Ford are among the many gentlemen that have chosen to embrace their facial hair. For one there is no denying the ‘manliness’ exuded by a beard and with most barbershops now offering beard trims there isn’t even any excuse not to keep it well kempt.


However there is for many gentleman one key barrier to the perfect beard……genetics. Whilst some are blessed with a full, thick beard there are many others who despite their best attempts are left with patchy and rather sorry looking beards.


So what can be done? Until recently the short answer was very little. However men’s grooming brand Bearilizer have developed a cutting edge ‘all natural dietary supplement that boosts facial hair growth in order to achieve a fuller, stronger beard’. With reported success rates of close to 95% since its launch in 2013 the beardlizer supplements may well be the answer to your beard goal prayers. If taking tablets isn’t your thing then the beard thickening spray is another great option in the Beardilizer range.


Once you have your killer beard, Beadlilizer can also help you with keeping it in tip top condition with a range of products including, oils, waxes and creams.


Be sure to check out the Beardilizer website for more details about their products and catch them at The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show 2017!

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