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The Bearded Gent!

Published on 4th August 2016


Beards have recently come back in a big way after years in style wilderness, and keeping your beard in top form is of paramount importance for our bearded brothers. We sat down with the founder of The Bearded Gent to get his take on things:

What inspired you to create The Bearded Gent?

Prior to founding The Bearded Gent, I myself used a number of beard oil brands. One thing I noticed was that to get the sort of quality you needed to keep your beard in tip top condition, you had to fork out a rather extortionate amount of money. While you could still get your hands on cheaper beard oils, your facial hair definitely didn’t thank you for it! It was at this point that I made it my mission to provide top quality beard oils at fair prices!

Why do you think beards have grown in popularity so much in recent years?

I think beards have grown in popularity of late largely due to the introduction of a wide range of beard grooming products. People have always had beards, but until now many men have shied away from them because, and let’s be honest here, no one likes a straggly, unkempt mane! Now you can have that big, lumberjack-esque beard without the worry of looking like you’ve got a bird’s nest on your chin!

Why is it important for Gentlemen with beards to use a beard oil?

Correction: It is VERY important for bearded Gentlemen to use beard oil! It not only leaves your beard smelling fantastic; it gives it a nice, healthy shine while also softening it. People will definitely notice the difference between an unkempt beard and one which is treated regularly with quality grooming products.

What’s the best method for applying the beard oil?

As I state with all my products, the best time to apply beard oil is directly after washing. That way, you’re preparing a fresh canvas on which to apply the products. All you need is 4-6 drops of beard oil in your hands (or more if you possess particularly impressive facial shrubbery); rub them together and run through your beard in upward motions, making sure to rub the product in thoroughly. Once you’ve done this, you can brush it all back down again with your hands, or with a beard comb if you have one. Wooden combs work best due to their anti-static properties and they also soak up excess beard oil, so you can keep topped up throughout the day.

How often should a beard oil be applied?

This depends entirely on the user. I personally recommend twice a day- once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. This has been proven to keep your beard soft and fragrant throughout the day. That being said, you can apply it as often as you feel necessary. If you’re in a very dry environment, you may need to apply it more regularly than someone who works in an office, for example.

You have a great range of scents, have you got a favourite?

I certainly do have a favourite! Surprisingly, it’s not the nation’s favourite, Vanilla & Mango, which absolutely flies off the shelves! My favourite scent was for a long time Tobacco Leaf & Musk (Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like smoke!), but after introducing a few more scents recently, I’ve taken a real shine to Mr. Marshmallow! Give it a go!

Have you got any top tips for maintaining a perfect beard?

Use my beard oil! But seriously, to maintain a perfect beard, you have to look after it like the hair on your head, but with a little extra care. As long as you apply beard oil, comb and wash your beard every other day, you will have enviably soft and shiny whiskers!

What have you learnt since creating The Bearded Gent?

Having been up and running for nearly 2 years now, and seeing how far the company has come in that time, I have learnt a number of crucial lessons. One of the most important is to always stay true to your business ideology, and for me that’s to keep providing the most affordable products to our customers, so that everyone can have a beard to be proud of!

Be sure to check out The Bearded Gent’s stand at The Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016 www.thebeardedgentco.com

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