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The Power of Face Scrub

Published on 26th April 2017


There’s nothing sexy about an oily face and clogged pores. When your skin reaches this level of neglect, the shine that it emits is even likely to attract greedy magpies! But fear not we have teamed up with our friends at The Bluebeards Revenge the solution……………..it’s time to invest in a face scrub.

Your skin is your largest organ and takes a battering every day from environmental pressures such as air pollution and UV light. Add to that the stresses of long days in the office, sweaty gym workouts, and general wear and tear, and this organ has undoubtedly earned itself a pampering session.

The humble face scrub is an all-giving product that’s often omitted from a man’s grooming routine; with moisturising creams and more tenuous cleansers taking centre stage instead. But in truth, the exfoliating powers it possesses deserve to sit upon an honorary podium within your wash bag. Its chief purpose is to remove hard to reach dirt and grime from deep inside the skin’s pores, while gently eliminating dead skin cells. But believe us; it does so much more…


It might sound gross, but our skin is constantly regenerating as we shed the old, dead layers. For younger gentleman, this process takes roughly 30 days. But as men grow older their skin cells begin to revolt at the thought of shedding so efficiently and can require some encouragement.

Any good face scrub features a finely kibbled ingredient that offers just the right amount of abrasion to effectively buff away any dead skin cells. In practice, this will reveal a fresh complexion and limit the chances of flaky skin. For environmental purposes, we recommend that you avoid anything with plastic micro-beads: they’re nasty and cause real pollution issues for the world’s water sources.


Controlling spotty outbreaks
Our body naturally produces sebum – the oil that waterproofs and lubricates the skin to protect it from the elements. However, when this oil builds up, it clogs the pores and causes spotty outbreaks and acne. Just as beaded ingredients help to remove dead skin cells, they also help to penetrate dirt trapped deep inside our pores.

If you’re looking for an invigorating boost to your complexion, try using a face scrub with a spicy ingredient such as ginger too. The ginger root extract is known for its antiseptic and moisturising effects, which make it perfect for sealing in valuable hydration after exfoliation. Its spicy nature is also said to increase the circulation of blood under the skin, meaning men can expect to receive lots of positive comments on their new luminous complexion.


Take your shave to the next level
When it comes to shaving it’s important to create as little resistance between your skin and razor as possible. The exfoliating properties of a face scrub means there is less grime left on your chops to clog up your razor, and this means a lesser chance of razor rash, ingrown hairs, and irritation. A thorough scrub before a shave will also help to lift stubborn hairs away from the face to further reduce friction for a closer shave. In fact, facial scrubs are becoming so popular among men that many barbershops are now incorporating them into their traditional wet shave treatments.


How and when to use a face scrub
The benefits of an exfoliator are useless unless you understand when and how to use them. There is no ‘one routine suits all’ here, but here are our tips:

• If you struggle with particularly oily skin, or you’re an active gent that works a busy day where dirt and grime are more likely to attack you, then it should come as no great surprise that you may need to reach for your face scrub a little more often that someone who sits in an office all day.

• We advise that you use a face scrub no more than two or three times a week (three is even pushing it a little). Over-exfoliating can cause serious stress to skin cells that are not ready to be shed. Sometimes, this can even undo the results you are trying to achieve and cause irritation, inflammation, and acne breakouts.

• As men, we sometimes feel a need to be overly aggressive when exfoliating. In reality, no added pressure needs to be placed on the face. The natural ingredients present will provide all the clout needed – so relax!

• Apply a face scrub in the same way you would any other cleanser: start by wetting the skin with warm water to encourage the pores to open a little. The warm water will also help to lather the scrub a little to unlock all of its potential. Then work it into the skin in small circular motions, paying particular interest to any problem areas.

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