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Oil Can Grooming

Published on 12th October 2016

What’s more manly than a beard………? Whether you are an avid fan and sport your own mane or are as clean cut and hair free as they come there is no denying there is something intrinsically manly about a gentleman with a full face of hair. Even mentioning the word beard conjures up images of a lumberjack in checked shirt.

So what if someone took a manly product designed for something manly and packaged it in something equally manly? Sounds like a whole load of manliness to me!

Well Oil Can Grooming have done just that with their beard oil and I think anyone would find it difficult to argue otherwise with the oil being contained within miniature metal oil cans.


The founders wanted Oil Can Grooming to be different and not only produce products that perform excellently but connect to those who use them.

The idea behind the oil can itself relates back to it being one of the most basic but critical appliances of the mechanical age. They keep machinery moving and parts in top condition and running smoothly, something they hope their products will do for you.

Oil Can Grooming will be exhibiting at The Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016 so beaded gents be sure to visit their stand and check out their great products.

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