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No Gunk Just Funk!

Published on 23rd November 2016


No Gunk Just Funk

Working in the men’s grooming industry I have a pretty extensive knowledge of hair styling products, honed over the years through an extensive trial and error approach of trying everything and anything. I was therefore very intrigued and excited to hear of a new product to hit the UK market, one that I have not tried and knew little about. The product in question being No Gunk’s grooming spray!


No Gunk was started by entrepreneur Sal Essa who formed the company after being fed up with gunky residue left in his hands and hair by certain products. As the saying goes No Gunk therefore is a product, which does exactly as it says on the tin.

So how did I get on with No Gunk? Well my usual grooming routine consists of applying sea salt spray to wet hair, I then blow dry before applying a clay. For my hair type using clay to finish is necessary because I like the strong hold so I therefore opted to trial No Gunk in place of the sea salt spray.

No Gunk is enriched with organic Argan oil and you can feel the product nourishing your hair as you apply it. Application simply requires a few pumps onto your hands, rubbing them together, before running through your hair. After blow drying my hair with No Gunk I had a medium hold, natural looking finish. For some people this would be enough but as previously mentioned my personal preference of a strong hold meant I added a small amount of clay to finish.

What’s great about No Gunk is that it’s multi-functional. The next step in my personal grooming routine was shaving and No Gunk seamlessly doubles up as a pre-shave oil. Again No Gunk did a great job, it softened my bristles and prepared my face for an irritation free shave! The versatility of the product doesn’t even end there, for our bearded brothers No Gunk can be used as a beard oil too.

So did it live up to its name? Absolutely I can confirm I was not left with gunk residue in my hands or hair after application!

Would I recommend No Gunk? Definitely give it a go gents!

No Gunk will be exhibiting at The Gentleman’s Grooming Show on 3rd December or if you can’t wait till them check out their website.

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