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Did you know Masculine washing powder is a thing?

Published on 23rd November 2017


Smelling clean and a good fragrance is a very important part of any gentleman’s grooming routine. In fact, sub consciously what someone smells like is one of the first things people notice about you.

Aftershave and deodorant are of course essentials; however, something that is often overlooked is how your clothes smell.

It is very easy to slip into autopilot and pick up the same washing powder each time which ‘does the job.’. However, the clear majority of these powders are based around floral scents or packages with babies on that hardly portray masculinity.


So, what are the options?


Some may argue that washing powder doesn’t matter and will be in the routine of spraying from top to toe. Until very recently it was something I just came to accept, trying to find the most neutral smell I could. However I was very excited when I came across Distinctive Wash that promised masculine scented washing. Having taking delivery of the washing powder, I was for the first time in my life, excited about washing my clothes.


So how did it perform?


First things first…. the smell. It honestly smells great, and as a fragrance it really wouldn’t be out of place as a cologne. It is also a very long lasting smell and having worn my shirt all day, it still held onto the fragrance. My only concern before trying Distinctive Wash is that it perhaps wouldn’t perform as well as some of the more well known brands when it came to the washing and conditioning. However, I am delighted to report that I was wrong. Not only did it provide great cleaning but you don’t need to remember to purchase or add a fabric conditioner to the wash which is great.


Distinctive is now my go to washing powder and having tried it I wouldn’t be able to go back. It is a product I recommend and all attendees of The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show will receive a sample so you can try There is even a fabric and room spray which is perfect for in between washing. A quick spray will mask dry clean odour and deodorise other fabrics at home or in the car. Feel free to have a spray if you visit the gents’ bathrooms at the show.

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