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Holiday Grooming Guide

Published on 19th July 2017


Warm weather, ocean breeze and cocktails by the pool……the appeals of a holiday in the sun are seemingly endless. Sunburn, greasy hair and sweaty skin on the other hand don’t quite have the same appeal. So to make sure you look your best for your holiday instagram snaps we have put together a guide for staying on top of your grooming game while on holiday:


1. Protect your skin

First and foremost you need to ensure you protect your skin from harmful UV rays which means using some form of SPF sunscreen. Whilst this is of paramount importance, you don’t want the resultant look to make you so shiny that your forehead blinds passers by. Combat this by using sunscreen that is oil free, particularly for the face and apply after washing your face.


2. Use facial toner

After a long day relaxing on the beach your skin will inevitably be sweaty with the heat also encouraging the opening of your pores. Before heading out for the evening spray some toner on your face and wipe off with a damp cotton ball. This will freshen your skin and wipe away any grime that might have accumulated, also helping to prevent breakouts.


3. Be strategic with your hair

Your hair is likely to take a bit of a battering over the course of your holiday. Not only has it got the heat to contend with but salt water from the sea and chlorine from the pool. Our advice here is not to over do it with the products in the morning, especially if you are going to be getting your hair wet. When you get back, before heading out for the evening, wash and condition your hair, leaving the conditioner in as long as possible. This will replace the lost nutrients and leave your hair much more manageable allowing you to style it for whatever the evening brings.


 4. Keep smelling fresh

It goes without saying that to stay on stop of your grooming game you need to make sure you smell fresh. A healthy dose of sweat resistant antiperspirant should do the trick and for the evenings a few sprays of aftershave……just make sure its below 100ml if you only have hand luggage!

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