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Guide to Accessories

Published on 13th February 2017

The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show’s Guide to Accessories



Here at The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show we are big on accessories! In fact attention to detail when it comes to accessories is one of the key elements of our 2017 Style Goals.


If used well, accessories are an easy way to take your style game up a few notches, but be warned get it wrong and you could be unnecessarily committing style suicide.


So where to start? Well first you need to ask yourself, what is your aim in incorporating accessories into your look? Is it to make a statement? Pull together an outfit? Or, something more practical such as needing a stylish way to carry your laptop around. Once this is established it gives the process of choosing your accessories purpose, which makes it a whole lot easier! We have broken the accessory aims into three sections to help guide you.


Making a statement!


If you want to use accessories to make a statement it is important to remember one key rule. Don’t go overboard! The use of colour is one way this can be achieved and a colourful tie or pocket square can transform an otherwise corporate looking suit. However, a bright orange tie, yellow pocket square and green watch strap worn together is going to over power the whole look and the style statement you were trying to make will be clouded by the fact your outfit resembles a rainbow…….


Therefore our advice is if you are going to use accessories to make a statement is to use one accessory to do this!


Pulling together an outfit!


The final piece of the puzzle….. accessories are a great way to finish off a look, not in a stand out, look at me way but subtle details can really turn a good outfit into a great outfit. Take watches for example. A simple elegant dress watch paired with a black tie outfit is going to complete the look and shows that you value the importance of the small details. Our general advice for using accessories to pull together a look is to focus on quality and try to match the accessory to the outfit.




Weather it be a wallet, a briefcase or a belt the sentiment detailed above is echoed when choosing practical accessories. Make sure they compliment your outfit and don’t fall at the last hurdle by not placing importance on these accessories. Remember gents it is often these accessories that will leave a lasting impression!


By Laurence Culloty – The Gentlemamn’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show

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