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Geoff Stocker Q&A

Published on 10th February 2017

1. If you could describe Geoff Stocker Accessories in one sentence what would it be?



My philosophy is: ‘Less is not more, More is more’.






2. In more detail what does Geoff Stocker Accessories do?


Geoff Stocker Accessories broadens the amount of design and product choices available to men to the point that they can be genuinely individual in how they accessorize.



I love designing and produce a lot of work in a range of styles, so that in effect makes each of my pieces part of a limited edition.

Not having a background in Fashion, instead coming from a Fine Art tradition means I don’t follow trends. I concern myself with making original two dimensional designs that can operate successfully in a 3-dimensional environment. For example by being crumpled up and half hidden in a pocket.





3. If you could give todays gentleman one style tip what would it be?


Find a place on your body for some colour.


4. How important do you think it is for guys to take pride in their appearance and overall presentation?


Absolutely important. You are part of a tradition going back to the Ancient Egyptians. Throughout history Men and Women have always adorned themselves. Clothing is as important in culture as is Art and Architecture.


5. What can attendees expect to see from Geoff Stocker Accessories at The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show 2017?


Selected pieces from both SS and AW 2017 Pocket Square Collections. A new range of Wool/Cashmere Winter scarves. But most excitingly, selections from my first Gentleman’s Dressing Gown collection.

Sadly there will be no pink, I just can’t make that colour work guys. Sorry to those chaps that asked.


Geoff Stocker will be exhibiting at The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show 2017. Be sure to check out his stand!


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