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Gentleman’s Guide to Shoes

Published on 10th March 2017

There is an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes! From the type of shoe to the condition, what you wear on your feet speaks volumes about you and getting them right is key to letting the world know where you stand (pun intended).

So what are some of the key shoes every Gentleman should have in his arsenal and when is it appropriate to wear them?




Believe it or not trainers are not on the banned list of shoes for a gentleman to wear, nor should they only be confined to the gym. With trainers it is important to remember there is an appropriate time and place to bring them out and of course they are suited to more causal settings. However wearing trainers doesn’t mean scruffy and pairing them with chinos and a shirt on the weekend is a great example of how to rock the smart casual, dress down look. Our key advice here is to stick to neutral colours and simple designs.




Dress Shoes

It goes without saying that every gentleman should have a decent pair of dress shoes and if you are going to invest in one pair of shoes this is undoubtedly where you should spend your money. The term dress shoe covers a wide range of shoes appropriate for a formal setting including, oxfords, brogues, monk straps and Chelsea boots. Although traditionally black, the modern day sense of the dress shoes encompasses brown, navy and even tan. In an ideal world it would be great to have a pair of all of these styles in a variety of colours but considering a decent pair dress shoes wont come cheap we recommend a pair of black Oxfords and Brown/Tan brogues to start your collection off. However a good pair will last you years meaning you will be able to add to your collection without replacing the shoes you already own.


Boat Shoes

Boat shoes, also known as deck shoes are a staple that in our opinion are a true essential for every gentleman. Almost as comfortable as trainers they are a great middle ground for those occasions that don’t quite warrant dress shoes yet are too sophisticated for trainers. Get the look by pairing them with pastel coloured chinos and navy blazer.


Keeping your shoes in good condition

Scuffed or dirty shoes are never going to do your style game any favours no matter how much they cost. So make sure to keep them clean and polish regularly. In the case of your best dress shoes it is also worth investing in shoetree which will help the shoes keep their shape, make them last and look better for longer!


Final Word

To some shoes are a passion, to others a necessity, but in a world where first impressions are formed quickly and can leave a lasting impression, a little consideration as to what you put on your feet is something we recommend all Gentleman embrace.


By Laurence Culloty – The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show

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