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The Gentleman’s Guide to buying a suit

Published on 16th May 2017

It has been said that a well fitting suit is to women what lingerie is to men, so if you are going to get one thing right in your style game gents, this should be it!


However when it comes to buying a new suit, it is very easy to get it wrong so we have put together a step by step guide to help you get it right!


1. Identify the type of suit you want.

There are many different types of suit; single breasted, double breasted, black tie to name a few. Be clear the about the type of suit you want and the reason you want it. This will give you a starting point.


2.Consider your budget

If money isn’t an object then you can’t go far wrong with a trip to Savile row however there are also plenty of great options if your budget is more modest.


£100-500 – If you have a budget in this bracket then your best option is going to be to go for an ‘off the peg’ suit. The common issue with off the peg suits is they are made for a general size similar to yours, rather than one that fits you exactly. However our top tip here is to take this suit to an alterer who for as little as £50 will be able to make it fit a whole lot better.


£500-1000– If you have a little bit more to spend you are now hitting the territory where you can afford to go for made to measure suits. Made to measure means the suit is made to fit you perfectly and is tailored from a pre-determined pattern. If the name of the tailor is important to you, you may also be able to pick up and off the peg from a well known tailor including some in Savile Row who have recognised the demand for their suits at a cheaper price point.


£1000-2000 – Increase the bracket again and you start to fall into the bespoke category. Like made to measure, bespoke suits are made to fit your exact dimensions however it take things one step further and you will have complete input into the design of your suit from choosing the fabric, deciding on the lining and even the colour of the thread on the buttons. Whilst a tidy sum of money this is still unlikely to get you a bespoke famous name so if this is important to you then you may be able to get a made to measure from one of these tailors.


£2000+ – The sky really is the limit when it comes to suits and the deeper your pockets are the more imaginative and demanding you can be.


3. Choosing the colour – Unless this is your 5th suit and really just a statement piece we recommend sticking to the basics when it comes to choosing the colour, Navy blue, grey and black are classics that will never go out of style so particularly if you are investing a lot of money this is what we would recommend.


4 .Finishing touches 

Finally if you are going to spend the time and effort making sure you have a great fitting suit, don’t then ruin the look by pairing it with a poorly fitting shirt or scruffy shoes. Trust us the combination of a great suit, shirt and shoes will make you feel invincible.


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