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Dapper Every Day

Published on 4th July 2016


Every Day Should Be A Dapper Day

Today, in 2016, a Gentleman’s appearance has never been so important. We are essentially walking billboards in our own lives and the way we present ourselves can say a lot about us. Essential factors in ensuring we look our best are a good grooming routine and a well thought out and stylish wardrobe. However, something that should never be ignored is the well-placed use of accessories.

In fact, it is often the accessories that pull together the look and makes the outfit your own! Speaking to the founder of Gentlemen’s Practise Gareth Phoenix, he told me how he recognised this and set to fill what he saw as a gap in the market;

“The modern Gent has little time to waste and we have taken the leg work out of that search for the right accessories for your different outfits.

We strive to keep the product mix fresh so that you will always look dapper. Best of all, we have an ever rotating product list to help you discover new items and styles whilst keeping up to date with the ever evolving styles”

Gentlemen’s Practise offer a wide range of accessories including ties, watches, socks, sunglasses and pocket hankies all of which are priced extremely competitively. Their slogan “Every day should be a Dapper Day” encapsulates the core values of the company and inspires modern gentlemen to take pride in their appearance at all times.

Gentlemen’s Practise have created a community and offer advice providing inspiration on how to incorporate the accessories to dapper up your everyday outfits. They also promise to re-post any picture with you wearing their products, which I think is a great gesture and will no doubt be rewarded with customer loyalty.

Gentlemen’s Practise will be exhibiting at The Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016 so be sure to head over to their stand to pick up some great accessories. If you can’t wait however, check out www.gentlemenspractice.com.

Remember gents, “Every day is a Dapper Day”

By Laurence Culloty – The Gentleman’s Grooming Show

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