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Colour of Man!

Published on 7th July 2016


There is a changing tide in the skincare and cosmetics industry, one that is seeing more and more focus being placed on male grooming. There has been a huge shift from the days when men settled for little more than soap and water to today’s modern gentlemen who takes great pride in their appearance.

A glance inside the modern day man’s bathroom cupboard reveals an array of lotions and potions that were previously considered confined to women. From toners and moisturisers to beard waxes and oils, men are paying increasingly more attention to their daily grooming routine.

New standards of male beauty are emerging and the products we are using continue to push boundaries. A product that has been at the forefront of the boundary pushing and one that is often considered taboo is men’s make-up. Used by women as far back as the ancient Roman’s but still seen by a considerable proportion of men today as a challenge to their masculinity.

Is this fair though? In a world where photo filters are openly used in social media to tweak, compliment and enhance our look why shouldn’t we be able to do this in real life?

This is a growing concept with men embracing the empowering feeling of make-up. Everyone finds flaws in themselves and with coaxing many men would admit to rummaging through their girlfriends makeup bag on the odd occasion highlighting a definite gap in the market.

One company that has seized this opportunity is Colour of Man who have introduced a 3 in 1 mineral infused tinted moisturiser, offering a solution that hydrates, corrects and protects. Application to the face is simple and provides an instant moisture boost and a hint of skin-perfecting colour. It refreshingly lightweight formula comes in 4 shades, and gives that natural “no make up” look and feel. As well as perfecting uneven skin tones, it also provides SPF 15, making it perfect for the summer months.

So come on gents, if they can wear it, why can’t we?


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