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Why Bespoke – Christian English!

Published on 16th August 2016


I have always been a fan of bespoke tailoring. There is just something about wearing a garment you know has been crafted especially for you that gives you a confidence that is difficult to replicate anywhere else.

In todays society personal presentation and image is more important than it’s ever been, particularly in business where we are essentially walking and talking billboards. If you aren’t prepared to spend a bit of time making sure you look presentable for a meeting it sets a precedence that you don’t value the importance of the meeting as much as you perhaps should! It stands to reason that a well-presented guy radiates a sense of self- esteem and will therefore leave a lasting impression over the guy who hasn’t made an effort.

A big factor in making sure we look the part is a well thought out grooming routine. Make sure you cover the basics and cover them well! Anything above and beyond is a bonus. However there is no point dedicating time in front of the mirror making sure you haven’t a hair out of place only to turn up wearing a poor quality or bad fitting suit. This is why as soon as I could afford to I switched to Bespoke and haven’t looked back since!

Once you have made the decision to go bespoke there are many options available to you. If you have £10,000 to spend on a Saville Row suit then by all means go ahead and I am sure you will be delighted with the results. If like me however you wallet can’t quite stretch to that yet, you can find fantastic bespoke options at a more affordable price point.

One company that offers such services is Christian English. Christian English are a bespoke clothing and lifestyle brand who describes themselves as ‘the perfect synergy between the Savile Row philosophy of tailoring and the contemporary needs of the discerning consumer’. Christian English suits range between £695-£950.

I was introduced to the founder Leon Brown a few months back when looking into getting the perfect suit tailored for The Gentleman’s Grooming Show and I was immediately put at ease by Leon’s knowledge and impressed at the wide array of fabrics, patterns and designs. The suits he showed me were also impeccable and it’s clear to see they put a high emphasis on quality!

I am going back to see Leon in September to get measured giving me plenty of time to make my final choices on the suit. Keep your eyes pealed and I will keep you updated on the tailoring process and of course the finished article.

Christian English will be exhibiting at The Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016. If you are in need of a great suit before that be sure to contact them www.christianenglishbespoke.com

By Laurence Culloty – The Gentleman’s Grooming Show

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