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Beard Oil: What are the benefits?

Published on 4th September 2017

Guest Blog by Philip J Ryland – Founder Brass Knuckle Brand



So you’ve decided to grow a beard, excellent choice. Many Beardsmen in 2017 have decided to throw their hat in to the ring and start growing their beards out. But growing and maintaining your beard doesn’t come without its obstacles, many men can experience dryness, itching and beardruff, which can cause the temptation of reaching for the razor. In this post I will explain to you why beard oil is not just something that makes your beard smell nice, it’s the most essential tool any budding beard grower can have.

What is Beard Oil?


Beard Oil is the most essential product you can use to keep your beard soft, healthy and looking great. Beard Oil is usually a combination of carrier oils (base oil) and essential oils (scent). It’s important when choosing a quality high end oil that it contains all the nourishing ingredients and vitamins your face and beard needs to stay well maintained.


So What are the Benefits?


Here’s my top 5

Moisturising: As your beard fills out and gets longer, it gets more difficult for your skin to produce all the natural oils your beard needs to stay soft. This is where Beard Oil comes in. Beard Oil replicates the natural oils your body produces and not only improves the condition of your beard, but your skin too.

No more Beardruff: Yes you guessed it, beardruff is like dandruff but on your face. Beardruff is one of the main reasons men give up growing. If you don’t nourish the skin beneath your beard it will become dry, flakey and damn right unruly. Beard Oil will prevent all this by hydrating the skin beneath. Using shampoo and conditioner in your hair is a staple of most men’s morning routine, so why not give your beard some love too.

Prevents Hair Breakage: We all want our beards to be as thick and full as possible. Hair breakages can become the Beardsman’s worst nightmare and prevent us from achieving pure unadulterated bearded awesomeness. Some high end Beard Oils (ahem like Brass Knuckle Brand’s Beard Oil ahem) contain Jojoba Oil. Pronounced ho-ho-ba, Jojoba Oil creates an oily film around the hair to strengthen the follicle, this will prevent breakages and ensure your beard stays thick and full.

Stimulates Hair Growth: I can’t stress enough how important Natural Vitamin E oil is for you to reach bearded enlightenment. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps repair damaged hair follicles. Healthy hair follicles means improved hair growth. Premium Beard Oils (again like ours) contain Natural Vitamin E to keep you hair strong and breakage free.

Makes your beard smell great: It’s important for your beard to look great, it’s important to smell great too. Earlier I touched upon Essential Oils, these provide the scent. There are many (manly) exciting scents available and it’s up to you.

So where can I get it?


So now you know everything you need to know about Beard Oil but where can you get it? Obviously we are biased however we truly believe that Brass Knuckle Brand Beard Oil is a true market leader in our industry. It contains all the right ingredients you need to ensure your beard grows healthy and stays healthy. Please find the link to our exciting product range below.


Brass Knuckle Brand Beard Oil.

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