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Alluvian – Sustainable Grooming

Published on 22nd April 2016

Rowley Shoals

The Gentleman’s Grooming Show are delighted to have Alluvian exhibiting at the show. We caught up with them to find out a bit more about the company and their commitment to sustainability.

Alluvian Aquatic Botanical Grooming is where quality men’s grooming meets sustainable alternatives for a plastic-free lifestyle. Alluvian aquatic botanical soaps and other fine grooming products are handcrafted from true ingredients, specifically formulated to offer superior performance and low impact on the environment.

Alluvian founder John Cowan conceived the idea of a transformative collection of body products that would make a positive difference in how men see themselves and how their choices can improve our world. The name is derived from alluvial fans, a geologic term where sediment is washed by flowing waters and deposited in a fan-like shape.

The Alluvian line draws from traditional practices, enhanced with organic and geologic elements. Sustainable wild harvesting of alaria seaweed and other botanicals ensures our luxury products of a superior, prehistoric source of micronutrients. Alluvian soaps are enriched with bathing minerals found in alluvial fans and retrieved from pure layers of earth, beneath bodies of water, or from colored lattices of salt. Aromatic essential oils distilled from nature contribute to memory, concentration and perception, and are of the highest purity.

The Alluvian line includes the essential ingredients of a complete shaving routine, from shave soaps that work with your skin for a truly superior shave to handcrafted brushes, blades and strops; hand-milled artisanal soaps; a full line of products for beard health and maintenance; and wild-harvested cacay oil cosmetics.

Alluvian’s commitment to uncompromised social and environmental practices also means all products and packaging are always 100% plastic free. Our core philosophy of sustainable sourcing of ingredients and improving our aquatic habitats makes Alluvian great for men and for the health of our oceans.

Be sure to visit their stand at the show and for more information check out their website www.alluvian.co

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