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2017 Grooming Goals

Published on 17th January 2017

At the core of our Show and Mission is grooming! Grooming to us encapsulates everything to do with a Gentleman’s appearance however for the purpose of this post we will refer to Grooming in the traditional sense. So what is our Grooming Goal for 2017?


React to the seasons


To keep us looking our best at all times it is important to make sure we account for the changing seasons which each bring their own grooming challenges.


Winter for example sees our skin go through somewhat of a battering from the elements. You are likely to find that your skin feels dryer and you may even experience cracking and flakiness. This is because the dry cool air sucks the moisture from your skin and it is not helped by harsh central heating which causes low humidity levels.




So what can be done? We must ensure that we give our skin the TLC it needs to recover. That means replenishing the moisture back into the skin with good quality moisturisers and oils. See one of our favourites below



Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo Formula 10







Summer on the other hand sees us needing protection from the sun and means of controlling perspiration to keep us smelling fresh. Make sure to use a non-toxic sun-screen even on days when the sun doesn’t break through the clouds. This will prevent your skin being damaged by the suns rays and you will be grateful you did this in future years as the sun is a major factor in the skin looking aged


A good way to gauge if it’s time to change up your grooming routine slightly is our wardrobe. Just as we have winter and summer clothes we should have a winter and summer grooming routine and if you are just about to break out the shorts for the first time in the year, chances are its time to change your grooming routine as well.


Our goal for the year is then to simply react to the seasons and tailor our grooming accordingly!


Written by Laurence Culloty – The Gentleman’s Grooming Show

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